“It's my hope that both children and adults see and and feel how special and powerful these songs are for our communities." ~Vinitha Watson, Founder of Zoo Labs

kids say

  • FUN!
  • rockstar!

parents say

  • engaging
  • positive
  • our morning dance party
  • my kind of music
  • my kids are learning without knowing it

teachers say

  • engaging
  • you speak my language
  • we need more of you in the world
  • confidence

funders say

  • the Sesame Street of Oakland
  • empowering
  • engaging
  • learning in motion
  • promotes physical health
  • identity formation
  • positive youth development
  • community building
  • equity
  • social emotional learning

press says

  • modern day De La Soul
  • well crafted, catchy grooves


"Such great talent - and you could be doing anything with it. But you choose to focus on our youngest children. It brings tears to my eyes. Thank you." - Park Day School

Alphabet Rockers is a "modern day De La Soul for the 21st century (all-natural) juice box crowd"
(Jeff Bogle, Cooper & Kid)

"When we're not dancing on the dance floor, we're rocking with the Alphabet Rockers - our favorite family band in the world" - Andy Hurwitz, Founder of Baby Loves Disco

"Hip, hoppin', and full of energy. Each song is well crafted, with catchy grooves, clear and easy to understand lyrics promoting super-positive messages." 4-star review, Common Sense Media

"Engaging, good-for-you pop songs with a mild hip-hop beat"- Parents' Choice Award 2012

"As a an elementary school teacher for 25 years in WCCUSD, and an instructor at Holy Names University for 10 years, I need to tell you that your work is a creative, entertaining and REAL effort to provide children with positive social skills. It was a delight to see your genuine love and enthusiasm for your message of social harmony! My kindergarteners were absolutely riveted. Thank you so much for the excellent work (and play and dance) you do. We need more of this kind of program in our schools." Calvin Trampleasure, Madera Elementary, El Cerrito CA

"We at Young Audiences love working with Alphabet Rockers. In our work bringing professional artist into school to work with children, it is important to have artist partners who are both accomplished in their discipline, and are thoughtful about how to meet the educational needs of the schools and their kids. On top of that, every program needs to be fun and really engaging for students. Alphabet Rockers is all that and a bag of chips, and we're thrilled to have them on our roster!" - Young Audiences of Northern California