Meet the Stars of Alphabet Rockers!

Kaitlin loves to sing, dance and play sports. Her favorite song is “Go!” because she loves to keep moving! Her favorite subject is a three-way tie between math, writing, and history. “It’s way too much fun to learn and move everyday – especially with my best friends!”
Tommy is a musical genius. He can make any instrument sound… using his mouth! His favorite song is “Friends”! His favorite subject is science and learning the magic behind how things work. “Where would we be without our friends to sing and play with?”
Stefanie loves to do arts + crafts and is always teaching the Alphabet Rockers new games. Her favorite song is “Shape Rap” because she loves hunting for shapes. Her favorite subject is reading, and she loves to work on projects with her friends! “It’s time to rock, K-T-S style!”

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