Alphabet Rockers content is a "perfect example of how art techniques,
such as singing and rapping, can help students remember facts
in a fun, engaging way." - KQED



Our assemblies are customized, aligned to Common Core Standards and integrate into diverse learning environments. They feature:

  • themes of diversity, bullying prevention, literacy or nutrition
  • original, award-winning music
  • fun and easy-to-learn dance moves
  • songwriting/ beatboxing
  • interactive theatrical performance

"Creative, entertaining and REAL effort to provide children with positive social skills."
Kindergarten Teacher, Richmond, CA


Our experienced educators and teaching artists offer professional development for K-5 classroom teachers and the students they serve. These workshops:

  • are tailored to your curriculum needs
  • can include a variety of hip hop art forms
  • build classroom community
  • provide arts integration lessons for teachers

"Our patrons, parents and children were extremely engaged the entire show and workshop."
Wolf Trap Children's Theater in the Woods


This residency series is available for preschool- 5th grade students to inspire FUN while learning. Over the course of several weeks, our teaching artist will:

  • establish curriculum goals with classroom teachers
  • engage students of all abilities
  • maintain classroom management expectations
  • celebrate students' work in a final showcase

"My students exhibit more confidence, ability to express themselves, and engagement in class following the Alphabet Rockers residency."
Kindergarten Teacher, San Mateo, CA

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